Taxes and Spending

Lower taxes help communities flourish by encouraging entrepreneurship and easing financial stresses on families and individuals. Large government tax burdens result in less innovation and reduced prosperity by disincentivizing economic growth. Kelly has supported bills that reduce or remove certain taxes, such as HB 2634. As a businesswoman, Kelly understands that individuals empowered by the free market are the best equipped to use money effectively. She is fighting to bring a new vision of low taxes to the current one-party rule of Washington. 

Where government involvement is necessary, Kelly believes in thoughtful and prioritized spending that takes care of our most vulnerable populations. She voted ‘no’ on the ill-conceived 2020 supplemental operating budget which adds $1 billion to taxpayer-funded government expenses. She voted in favor of a 3% cost-of-living adjustment for retired teachers (HB 1390) and supported adding a regular investment in workforce education to the State Legislature’s balanced budget requirements (SB 6660).

As she was during her first term, Kelly remains committed to bringing more jobs to the 25th legislative district by prioritizing lower taxes and limited spending as your representative.


Kelly lifted herself out of generational poverty as a young woman through the power of education and with the support of incredible teachers, becoming the first person in her family to graduate college. She believes that every child and family should have access to an excellent education. High-quality schools have a positive impact on their entire community and ensure a bright future for our children.

As your representative, Kelly has supported prioritized investment in vocational education. Through dialogue with parents and educators, Kelly also recognized the need to include families in getting their children ready to enter school. To that end, she introduced the Kindergarten Readiness Bill, a bill for which she cultivated broad bipartisan support. With 50% of children entering kindergarten unprepared, this bill would compel the state to make kindergarten readiness standards available to families. Kelly believes we get the best results in education when parents, families, and schools work together. She will continue to be an advocate for education in her second term.

Homelessness and Healthcare

Kelly has seen the devastating cycle of homelessness first-hand and supports policies that give suffering individuals a hand up – not a hand-out – so that they are empowered to break that cycle for good. This includes helping at-risk individuals avoid homelessness, which both prevents personal upheaval and heads off long-term costs. She wants to enact sensible reform measures that address the crisis of homelessness on our streets and provide care for the mentally ill (HB 2584).

With over a decade of experience in the healthcare industry, Kelly believes in making care affordable and accessible to her community. She sponsored HB 2408 to address the shortage of psychiatric providers in Washington, an issue which has only been exacerbated by COVID lockdowns. Kelly understands the intricacies of healthcare and will continue to advocate for common-sense reforms to how we approach the issue.


Washington state needs a transportation focus that looks beyond the desires of downtown Seattle. There is also a severe need for accountability, which must start by honoring the will of Washington state citizens and enacting $30 car tabs. Kelly sponsored HB 1956 which would require the direct election of Sound Transit board members. She also supported HB 2285 which prioritized preservation and maintenance of our current transportation infrastructure. By prioritizing maintenance now, we avoid expensive repair down the road. Ultimately, Kelly’s goal is to get her constituents out of traffic and into excellent local jobs.


  • Transportation Committee
  • Healthcare and Wellness Committee
  • Commerce and Gaming Committee
  • Rules Committees
  • State Council on Aging

Sponsored bills

Learn about all the bills sponsored by Kelly during her first term.

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